James is an artist and photographer who lives in South Florida.  His work and photographs were shown in major museums and galleries throughout the United States and are in private collections.

In 1994 when James moved to Florida from Rochester, New York, he had only read about Cuba in the newspapers and really knew nothing about this communist country, at that time, ninety miles away from the United States.  It was through an invitation from some friends to join them for a week in Havana, Cuba working with a humanitarian group out of Miami.  For most Americans, at the time, Havana, Cuba was the unattainable ”forbidden fruit”.  He could not resist.  He went to Havana with them not knowing that in a short time this trip would change his life forever.

After a couple of trips, he realized he had to travel to Cuba alone.  He was bonding with a land and people that were gripping his soul.  This was the beginning of a relationship he had not experienced or expected.

Although he spoke very little Spanish, he communicated with the Cuban people in such a way that only an Artist can.  With sensitive eyes wide open he captured emotional images of a Havana  and her people whose romance and mystique at that time had been elusive for many who have ever dreamed to travel there.

This wonderful and emotional collection of photography was taken in Havana, Cuba from1995-2005 during the “special period” when life there was very difficult and travel to Cuba was very challenging  and not as flexible as it is today.

Please enjoy this interesting journey into a glimpse of the daily life of Havana and my memories from the heart.

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