This is MY BLOG where you can view galleries, leave comments and contact me.  Click on an image to go to the gallery.  The chronological order of posts is reversed for viewing in the order that I felt best illustrates my images and intent.  My intent was to show, through my photographs, my impressions, experiences and feelings of how it felt to me during my travels to Cuba from 1995-2005.

The first post and gallery is from my earlier travels to Havana, Cuba.  These images are my depiction of what I saw and how I felt during these eye opening visits.  I used film and toned the black and white prints then copied them into the computer.  The copy process adds a slightly blurred effect to create the layers and depth that I felt I was experiencing.

Around year 2000 I began to use black and white and color in both film and digital media to show the improved quality of  life and the noticeable positive changes that were beginning evolve in Havana.

My song is with you “Mi Canto Está Contigo” 1995-2000



ALONG THE WAY: The Beginning of Change…2000-2005



AROUND THE CORNER: A brighter future…Havana 2000-2005



PORTRAITS FROM THE STREET: Havana, Cuba 2000-2005


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